Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Alternate HP and Healing

Just some thought on how HP work and are imagined. Also gives rest and consumption of meals and drinks an in game benefit. Also might reduce the need for healing potions which I've always found a bit... I don't know. Can't think of what I would call it right now.

Also the negative HP and the threshold of the serious wound adds a nice touch if you ask me. It also has the capacity to keep PC's alive longer, as they do not automatically die at 0 HP. This might also add some drama to combats. Rather than just outright dying, a severely wounded character can fight on despite the wound, but may die later if his companions fail to save them in time. 

Hit Points: These are not a measure of a characters health, or injuries. Instead they represent the amount of physical exertion, fatigue, minor cuts, and bruises a character is able to endure.

At the end of the day, or anytime during the day PC’s can restore HP by resting and/or eating a meal (limited to 3 times a day), or by sleeping.

  • Short rest – 1 hp per level, Approximately 30 minutes.   
  • Long rest – 2 hp per level, approximately 2 hours.
  • Strong Drink – 1 hp per consumable. 
  • Hot Meal / Iron Rations -2 hp per meal.

Negative Hit Points: Any damage that takes a characters HP below 0 is potentially a death blow. Wounds that leave a PC with 0 to -5hp are serious life threatening wounds, but will not kill the characters outright.

PC’s must make a save vs. Constitution or they are incapacitated by the wound. They must receive treatment, or lose 1 HP per round (bleeding out, etc) until they do, or they die. If they receive treatment they still need to recover from their wounds. Roll a d4 for each point below 1 hp they suffered. This is the number of days it takes the wound to heal. See, I told you these were serious wounds. Wounds that put a PC below -5 HP, kill the characters outright, no slow painful death where they linger on.

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