Sunday, February 19, 2017

Seriously, Have We Learned Nothing?

Raising Attributes as Characters Level.

In some games that I have played over the years, PC’s gain points to raise their basic attributes every so often. This has never sat well with me, even as a player. Raising an already high attribute doesn’t really show that a character has grown, as was the intention I suppose. Merely it comes off as a way to make your character even more powerful and munchkin. As said characters are going to need it because all of the monsters just got extra HP and crap too.

So one of my most common house rules is to allow characters to improve attributes as they level, but as you might have guessed, in the opposite manner. Each time a character levels the player increases that characters lowest attribute by one point. If the character has two or more attributes that suck equally, the player gets to choose which one goes up a point. This keeps players from maxing out stats and at the same time keeps them from playing a 10th level cleric with a 5 Intelligence. Who after gaining 10 levels from adventuring is just as stupid as they were the day they started. 

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