Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Moldvay B/X Barbarian Class

Barbarians are can be from any climate or geographic region. They are any group of people who live small communities of sedentary or nomadic people who have their own culture outside what others would consider civilized lands. Barbarian tribes and clans value loyalty, honesty, bravery, strength, and prowess in battle. They have little need for money, preferring instead to barter amongst themselves, but those adventuring outside in the wider world will use coin when necessary. The prime requisites for a Barbarian are Strength and Dexterity. A Barbarian character with a 13 or greater in a prime requisite will gain a + 10% bonus on earned experience points

Restrictions: Barbarians us a d8 to determine their Hit Points. They may use leather armor, chainmail, in addition to shields and helmets. They may use any type of weapon except pole-arms, and lances. Barbarians do not suffer the weak to live, and so all Barbarian characters must have a minimum Constitution score of 9.

Special Abilities: They tend to be great hunters, trackers and warriors. They are hardy people inured to the hardships of living off the land, hunger, cold, or desert heat, whatever may be the case. This life of hardship has given them better saving throws than most other classes. They can follow the tracks of man, monster or animal one third of the time (2 in 6 chance). They also have improved chances of hearing noises, a 2 in 6 chance instead the normal 1 in 6 chance. All Barbarians speak their tribal language, Common, plus one additional language.



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