Thursday, February 2, 2017

Four New Spells for B/X

Some new spells for B/X D&D. Some of these spells duplicate the effects of existing spells, but they do so in a more interesting manner.

Fiendish Flight
This spell is identical to the Fly spell in all respects except how the flight is managed. When the spell is cast, large leathery demon-bat wings begin to sprout out and begin growing out of the casters back, or the person the spell is cast on. This process takes a d6+1 rounds and is a little painful and disconcerting but otherwise causes no damage. The nature of the wings cause a negative reaction from Good aligned creatures.

Baleful Battering Ram
This spell works exactly like the Knock spell, but is a little more theatrical in nature. When cast a large spectral ram appears 10ft. away from the locked object. The ram then lets out a loud baleful bleat then charges the object the spell was cast on. When the ram head-butts the object it is smashed to pieces if the object is small or in the case of large doors thrown open. The ram immediately disappears when the object is open.

Baffling Barricade
This spell must be cast on a door of some type, or a chest. When anyone attempts to open the door or lid the spell activates. The person opening it and everyone within 20ft. of the door must make a save vs. Spells, or they become confused. They believe that they have already opened the door and are on the other side now, or that they have opened the chest etc, and that it is empty. This includes Knock spells cast by magic users.

Bestial Frenzy                   Range: Touch            Duration: Permanent (Save, or until conditions met)

Causes the character that the spell is cast on to go in blind rage the next time they are in combat of they fail a save vs. Spells. Otherwise, when fighting against any living humanoid creatures (including humans) they gain a +2 bonus to hit and damage due to their battle lust and ferocity. They will continue attacking until they are dead, everyone else is slain (including allies), or restrained. The character may not retreat from battle no matter how overwhelming the odds against them. When the spell finally does wear off the character will have no recollection of the battle or their part in it. Most likely they will come to their senses, then be freaked out by the carnage around them and the fact that they are covered with blood and gore. 

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