Sunday, February 26, 2017


I recently picked up the D&D CREATURE CATALOG (DMR2) from a used book store and it was in excellent condition and cheap. I was pretty excited about this as I have never owned or read the book and I was hoping it would have some good stuff I could add to my D&D games. 

Yep, this is the one.

After reading through it this week I was thinking to do one of those “let’s read” type projects with the book. Starting next week (hopefully) I will be posting a summary of a creature, and then giving an actually review of the creature with the following 1-5 scale.

The GRUBS Rating Scale (because who doesn’t love a totally forced and useless acronym?)

Genius: This thing is so awesome I must use it NOW or in an upcoming adventure.
Right On: This thing is good enough to see regular use
Uninspired: Meh, maybe if I got nothing better, average.
Brain-damage: Reading this made my brain hurt.
Shit: I want my time and money back, and if I were a lawyer I would send the creator a C&D letter.

So…this scale gentle reader, should give you an overall impression of what I thought of the book and its content.  Some good, and some…quite a bit actually, really bad. Though I would guess that most of it just falls in the Uninspired category to be honest.

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